Director’s message 35

ISO Community,

Upon receiving news of two positive cases in a single cohort, we felt it was necessary to “suggest” that parents have their children tested, in order to:

  • Ensure there was no outbreak in the class/division
  • Provide parents with the peace of mind needed to send their children to school tomorrow.

Our faculty is pleased to report that over a third of the students in elementary school and several staff members voluntarily tested for COVID-19 over the weekend. To date, they have all tested negative.

While testing is not mandatory for these students to return to school, it certainly gives us all the confidence that we need to proceed with having school in person this week. It also lets us know that our collaborative efforts are allowing teaching and learning to take place in a safe and appropriate learning environment, during this challenging time.

Please note that free rapid testing is available at the following locations for those who have been in close contact with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19:

  • Yalgado Hospital
  • CMA Kossodo
  • CMa Pissy
  • Bogodogo Hospital

As Director, on behalf of our team, I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at our Monthly Thursday “Virtual” Town Hall.

Have a great fourth and final day of rest.