Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The International School of Ouagadougou cultivates diversity, respect, knowledge and character, and strives to develop global citizens who contribute towards a better, more peaceful world.


Vision Statement

The International School of Ouagadougou provides a quality, comprehensive education that nurtures a lifelong love of learning in students who aim to reach their highest potential.

To achieve its mission and vision, the International School of Ouagadougou values the following Core Components:

Core Component: Learning:

A life-long commitment to learning and high academic achievement are best accomplished in an environment that values collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication and community.

Core Component: Curriculum:

ISO provides a trans-disciplinary program that draws from international standards and is delivered in English. Approaches to teaching and learning are inquiry based and student centered.

Core Component: Environment:

Where we are affects who we are. ISO provides a secure environment in which learning is nurtured by a community committed to the holistic development of students as active and engaged global citizens.

Core Component: Community:

Our cohesive community of students, staff, parents and faculty respect and celebrate cultural diversity, share common values and contribute as happy, engaged, global citizens.

Core Component: Character:

A learning community is strengthened when individuals take social and moral responsibility for their choices and actions. ISO supports all stakeholders in developing the values of honesty, compassion, accountability and respect for human diversity.

Graduates of the International School of Ouagadougou shall be:



Thinkers: Critical and Creative