Assisted Places Program

ISO Parents:
RE: School Policy 502 Assisted places
502.1 Purpose and scope

In order to maximize its revenues and encourage a student body with diverse socio-economic backgrounds, the school may award assisted places in Grades K – 12 to students from families who potentially may be unable to meet tuition fees in full.

This, however, will be done within the parameters established to this end by the Board in the annual budget, the school may in such cases waive up between 0% – possibly 50% of tuition fees due; all other fees shall be paid in full.

Assisted places are awarded one school year at a time. They are subject for a new review each year, and beneficiaries of an assisted place one year cannot be guaranteed an assisted place the next.

This year, per policy 502, parents will have to March 31st to apply.

If you feel you may qualify from this program, please fill the attached form, either in French or English and send it in an envelope to ISO Business Office. You will be issued a receipt. All information will be confidential, and only reviewed by a sub-committee of the school board in accordance with ISO association policies.

Best regards,

ISO Board of Trustees.
“Holding the future of the school in Trust.”