Assisted Places Program

In order to maximize its revenues and encourage a student body with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, the school has a Financial Aid program called Assisted Places.

Under this program, a waiver of up to a maximum 50% of tuition fees due may be awarded for one school year. Any Assisted Place award is good for one school year and is subject to renewed applications each year.

For the Academic Year 2020-2021, the deadline to turn your application is March 31st, 2020. For returning families, applications received after this date will not be reviewed. Please return completed applications to the Business Office in a sealed envelope. Write on the envelope: “Confidential: Article 502 Application.”

You will be provided a receipt.

For more details, please consult the ISO Board Policy Manual, located on the ISO website, or feel free to make an appointment with the Business Manager if you have any questions.