Board of Trustees

ISO is governed by a Board of Trustees which holds the mission and values of the ISO community in trust, and adopts policy and strategic decisions to that end. It does not intervene directly in the day-to-day administration or educational programming of the school.

The Board is responsible for setting policy, approving budgets, and resolving conflict. Key among the Board’s tasks are the recruitment and supervision of the Director. The Board approves the Director’s annual objectives and evaluates his/her performance on that basis. The Director is responsible for ensuring that every ISO student receives the best education possible given the available human and financial resources.

The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the school and strives to uphold its responsibilities with transparency and integrity. The Board is beholden to the The Board Policy Manual which is an important document that guides the Board’s work and is reviewed each year. (See the link below under Core documents.).

The Board of Trustees is composed of 12 members. There are six members elected by the ISO Association, two members appointed by the Board, the faculty (ISOTTA) representative, a student representative, a U.S. Embassy representative, and the Director. All members are voting members except the ISOTTA rep, the student rep and the Director.

Regular Board meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month from September to May, starting at 6:00 p.m. and ending by 8:00 p.m. The Board’s decisions are made in public, and all Association members are welcome to attend its Regular Session meetings. There are however decisions made in Executive Session, which are confidential matters such as personal, legal issues, financial assistance, or individual students, which is not open to the public.

The agenda for each monthly meeting is posted no later than the Friday before and can be found under the Meetings page (to the left). Minutes for each Board meeting can be found under Meetings within a week after the Board meeting. Each year the Board creates a minimum of two committees, but usually four to five. It is in committees where most of the Board’s work is achieved. Board meetings are a window for the ISO Association to see Board decisions and deliberations which have been well prepared in committee. Each year the Board has a work plan and objectives. Committees have more detailed work plans based on the specific area it is to address. See the Committees page for more information.

Contacting the Board:

If you have ideas or suggestions that you would like to contribute, concerns you would like to share or questions you would like to raise with regard to any aspect of the Board’s work or that of its committees, please contact the Board at

Core Documents

Board Policy Manual