Director’s message 88

ISO Association Members,

Best wishes, after a long week, for a truly relaxing three-day weekend. Last Friday morning, most of us woke up before 6:00am with news of gunfire taking place throughout the city. Both protests and road closures ebbed and flowed over the last week, inspiring us to have our first three days of school this week “online.”

It has also “inspired” our Board of Trustees to have our first Virtual Association meeting. The Board has determined, with the events that occurred this week, that it is best not to have people at school at 18:00, and then having to drive home an hour and half later. Therefore, like our students, we will be having our Annual Fall Association Meeting Virtually. “If your students can do it, you can do it.” As one Board Member said, this is 2022, and the “winds of change are upon us” to be more efficient in the work that we do.

Another Board Member said: “Well, I guess we can save money on wine during this inflationary period.”

Once again, for everybody’s security, we must avoid any significant traffic delays in accessing, or egressing the school campus, due to recent political events.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me, or our Board of Trustees know. You can reach them at

The agenda is below, as is the passcode for the meeting. You don’t need a link. However, if you would like to use one for the Zoom platform it can be found here.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees