Director’s message 87

International School of Ouagadougou Community,

October 6, 2022

RE: Demonstration at 2:40 made our re-opening “almost perfect — but not quite.”

Today, October 6th, the International School of Ouagadougou had deemed it “safe” and “appropriate” to resume onsite instruction here at our historical school site.

The day went smoothly, and the students were excited to be back at school. We almost made it through the day without issue, however, we did get reports of non-violent protests at 2:45. As per our WhatsApp, parents who wished and had to traverse this area could pick up their students early. Roughly ten parents did so.

Please note, that unless you hear otherwise later this evening, our goal is to have school tomorrow, on a condensed 3:15 Full School Dismissal. However, during these days we can expect the unexpected, and once again, please keep your phone with you at all times, in the event of any unexpected further complications. Although today, we did not anticipate any we had one, reminding us that we should always expect the unexpected.

Please note that our plan for tomorrow is for a full school which will be dismissed at 3:15. However, if situations warrant, depending on news we get later on this evening, this “may” be modified to either a half day, or a day of distance learning. Both Principals are aware of our contingency planning regarding these two options. Once again we need to ensure that everybody in our community is able to make it back to their home quickly and safely.

It was great to see everybody today, and I hope to do the same tomorrow. However, based on our first day back, we have been doing some contingency planning for either a full day, half day, or distance learning day. Please note that Monday is now a Holiday, and there will be no school as “Mouloud” will be celebrated on this day.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me, or the rest of our Administrative Team, know.