Director’s message 33

Covid – 19 Action Plan

Document Purpose:

Keeping our community safe is the primary goal of all our actions.

The intent of this evolving document is to lay out ISO’s safe management measures against Covid-19 in order to safeguard a safe and appropriate environment for our school community.

The Covid-19 Action Plan serves to demonstrate that the school is doing its due diligence and ensuring compliance, as well as serving as a central repository for all our Covid-19 operational decisions.
Note: revisions to the ISO Covid-19 Action Plan will be made as new information becomes available from infectious disease experts.


These procedures apply to all staff, faculty, students, parent visitors, or any other persons entering the ISO premises.

Government Rules and Additional Guidelines for Reference

Final Notes

As Director of the American International School of Monrovia during the 2014 EBV Health Pandemic, I learned that contingency planning:

  • Helps ensure a safe and appropriate learning environment
  • Is subject to change…

With appreciation to the Educational Leadership Team (Ms. Marie-Hélène Pichette, Ms. Nancy Sanfo, Ms. Jalisa Mixon).

ISO COVID-19 Action Plan, January 25, 2021 was sent out and is available on the website.