Director’s message 119

Assessment is the process of gathering data. More specifically, assessment is the way instructors gather data about their teaching and their students’ learning.”
(Hanna & Dettmer, 2004)

This afternoon, your students’ MAP results were “sent home” on PlusPortals. When reviewing and discussing your students’ progress to date (May 20th) please keep in mind:

  • MAP tests are individualized measures of performance in Reading, Math, and Science. Tests are taken on the computer, and the results help teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students. The results help us work together to make informed decisions that promote our students’ academic growth.
  • MAP tests are adaptive, which means that the test is designed to target each student’s academic performance. These tests are tailored to each student’s current achievement level. The computer adjusts the difficulty level of the questions as the test progresses. Therefore, each student takes a unique test. The assessment also has a standard deviation variable, which lets us know if the student is “disengaged”, and if the test results are valid.
  • As parents, and as teachers, our primary focus is on the “blue” bar, which shows your student’s individual growth. The student’s growth per grade level is also captured in the sample chart below.


  • Blue: Student Growth (The Number One Goal)
  • Orange: International School of Ouagadougou “District Grade-Level Mean”
  • Yellow: US Norms “Norm Grade-Level Mean”

School Data Breakdown Below


Best wishes and a special appreciation for working with us to help us end our school year successfully. We are looking forward to what promises to be very rewarding final weeks of teaching and learning here at the International School of Ouagadougou!

Final Reminder:

The International School of Ouagadougou uses “PlusPortals” as our online “student information system” to help keep our parents informed about their student’s progress. Both students and parents can log in anytime to check current grades, homework, missing assignments, test scores, and report cards (end of trimesters), and to contact teachers.

Upcoming Important Dates

1. May 27-31 Africa Week
2. June 6 Lower School Fly-Up Day
3. June 6 COTA
4. June 14 End of Quarter 4

Have a great afternoon.

Saludos Cordiales