Director’s message 108

Community Statement on Upholding Human Dignity
and Preventing Violence1

Dear International School of Ouagadougou Community,

We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we embark on a new academic term, we would like to take a moment to reaffirm our collective commitment to maintaining a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment at the International School of Ouagadougou.

At the heart of our school community lies a shared dedication to upholding the principles of human dignity, understanding, and compassion. Regardless of the challenges that may arise, we stand united against any form of violence or harm that may compromise the well-being of individuals within our community.

Our school is a microcosm of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. It is this rich tapestry that makes the International School of Ouagadougou unique and vibrant. We celebrate this diversity and recognize the inherent value of each member within our community.

In line with these values, we have established a comprehensive Violence Prevention and Safeguarding Human Dignity policy. This policy reflects our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and mutual respect.

As community members, we play an essential role in fostering a culture of empathy and understanding. It is our shared responsibility to uphold the principles outlined in the policy, to treat one another with dignity and respect, and to contribute positively to the creation of a peaceful school environment.

We encourage open communication and dialogue. If anyone within our community becomes aware of an act of violence or potential harm, we urge you to report it promptly through the designated channels. Together, we can ensure a swift and appropriate response to maintain the well-being of our community.

Additionally, educational programs will be implemented to empower us all with the tools needed to navigate conflicts peacefully and to develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.

Let us recommit ourselves to the values that bind us together: respect, empathy, and the shared goal of creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and heard.

Thank you for your continued partnership and commitment to making the International School of Ouagadougou a place where all individuals can thrive.