Director’s message 107

The International School of Ouagadougou (ISO) is a nonprofit, independent, coeducational day school that offers an English language educational program to children between the ages of three and 19, from PK- to grade 12. The school was founded by the United States Embassy in 1976. Its mission is to provide an education to children from wide-ranging backgrounds, including children of diplomats, business people who wish for an International Education, and international development organizations.

The school year consists of 180 days of instruction, organized into two semesters, extending from August through January and from February into June. However, our Calendar is a progressive one to match our progressive education. Progressive education helps prepare students for active participation in a democratic, global society. This can be seen not just in our curriculum and educational program, but also in our Academic Calendar.

Today, as you most likely know we did not celebrate American Thanksgiving. “Americans model their holiday on a 1621 harvest feast shared between the Wampanoag people and the English colonists known as Pilgrims”

Well, it has been a long time since 1621, and as a progressive school, we are pleased to announce that we are the very first school in Africa to celebrate “Black Friday” as an official school Holiday. “Black Friday is the day after the US Holiday of Thanksgiving, and is regarded as the first day of the Holiday shopping season, on which retailers make many special offers.”

Have a relaxing and thankful three-day weekend, and best of luck with your Holiday Shopping, and football watching. Enjoy being the first school in the region to make “Black Friday” an official School Holiday.

See you Monday!