Director’s message 105

October 26, 2022

Dear ISO Community,

Tomorrow, school will be dismissed at 12:00, and lunch will not be served. During this time our team of top-quality educators will be gearing up to have our Parent-teacher Conferences before the fall break. These conferences are “action” conferences where we can discuss what “actions” are needed in the short term (during the fall break – “good” or “bad”) and also in the long term as we work towards the end of Semester 1 in January.

We now know that indeed our school year is moving very fast! After the conclusion of the fall break, we will be just eight weeks away from our three-week Winter Break.

As an English English-speaking school in the heart of French-speaking Africa, we also want to send a quick reminder that all languages (including French, the native language of our host country) are important to learn to help us access all parts of the curriculum. Knowledge of multiple languages is important in developing a “whole” learner, who understands all the parts of speech, and grammar when writing and speaking. As of this afternoon, French teachers have approximately half the students their English class counterparts have. As all our French teachers are bilingual, meeting with them will help your students’ overall success.

Tomorrow, I hope to see many of you to “thank you” on behalf of the greater school community for working with us since the beginning of the year. The last few “busy” weeks have demonstrated that as a community we “work together for excellence.”

This is …. I.S.O!

Have a great break and see you tomorrow for our Parent-Teacher Conferences. Sign up or contact your student’s teachers to book an appointment after the break.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you refreshed on Monday, November 06th 2023.


Note: Office Hours during the Break will be from 10:00 – 2:00.
Go Stallions! We will be playing in two games on behalf of ISO in the WAISAL tournament today in Dakar!!