Director’s message 10

[isostaff] Back to School Action Plan

ISO Parents,

Thank you for your supporting our re-opening procedures. It is hard to believe that we have only been back to school physically for two weeks. As per our Re-Opening Plan (attached for reference), we have, as per our policy, completed a two week re-evaluation of our health and safety measure in support of your students.

Please note the following re-evaluation of our present protocols.

  • Morning Drop Off: Hand Washing, Temperature Checks, and face coverings inspection will remain firmly in place.
  • Afternoon pick ups: We have placed social distancing lines outside for parents/nanny’s and drivers. Please be sure to use the new student ID’s that have your students first name and grade level.
  • Masks during PE: Students do not need to wear masks during P.E. as long as they are socially distanced
  • ASAs: will remain on hiatus and be evaluated in 2 additional weeks time
  • Lunch: Effective Tomorrow, lunch may be dropped off at the security pedestrian entrance by 11:30am, security will provide clearly marked student lunches to the Front Office. Students in Upper School may pick up their lunches from the Office at 12:05. For students in Elementary School food will be picked up by our Teaching Assistance.

Have a great afternoon, and thank you once again for your unwavering support.