Director’s message 04

Return to ISO. August 16th. Quick Feedback Survey.

ISO Community,

This is just a quick reminder, and one that is most definitely not needed. Next week, school will physically resume here on our historic school site at the International School of Ouagadougou.

We, here at ISO, encourage our community to use quality communication and proactive parent involvement in partnering with us for their students’ success.

To that end, during our first day of full faculty pre-planning (pictures below), we discussed the use of facemasks by all students, teachers and staff for the first two weeks of school. This would be evaluated every two weeks, and be done in addition to temperature checks at the start of the school day, with frequent hand washing and sanitary gel dispensing throughout the day on our campus.

Our teaching team would like to know your feedback on the use of facemasks, here at ISO, so we can adequately prepare for the physical restart of our school next Wednesday. Please take a moment to answer this quick survey so our team can finalize our return to school protocols.

As a reminder, our physical reopening plan was sent out last Friday and is attached.

Have a great afternoon.

Team Meetings with Social Distance Protocol Pictures Below.