Director’s message 83

To the Community of the International School of Ouagadougou,

As I have referenced, on a few occasions, in my communication with our greater school community … “The Chinese have a saying …. may you live in interesting times” Well for those who have lived here in Ouagadougou over the last few years, that has clearly been the case.

I would like to take a moment to send a thank you to our faculty, staff and the entire community for mobilizing at around 05:45 in the morning to get the word out that there would be no school today.

Although we understand that we woke a few folks up, we wanted everybody to be safe and not take any unneeded risks in coming to school today.

As we are currently in a confusing status quo, here in Ouagadougou, we recommend that you stay safe, and continue to shelter in place, until you hear verified information that gives the “all clear.” The school
will remain in correspondence with the community, as needed. In the meantime, we have a few messages to pass along:

  • Our newly reopened facilities to our Association Members will be closed for the weekend, as will the school campus. We want to minimize any unnecessary travel for our security and workers, during this time of uncertainty.
  • The school will be in touch with you no later than Sunday afternoon, either giving the “all clear” to welcome everybody back to class on Monday, or to provide alternative planning.
  • Lastly (and most likely last on your list), today is the last day to submit questions to the Board of Trustees for our Association meeting on October 11th. The Board will evaluate each question to see which ones will make the agenda. Please email any questions or agenda items to

Best wishes for a safe weekend



Jeff Trudeau

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the International School of Ouagadougou.