Director’s message 81

International School of Ouagadougou 2022 – 2023 Preparations Complete

  1. MAP Testing: Check – Results to be sent out next week.
  2. Report Cards: Check – New System on PlusPortals Ready to go!
  3. ASAP “restart”: Check – The program started this week.
  4. Board Training: Check — First Board Meeting of the Year on Tuesday, September 20th.
  5. Campus Facilities Use: Check — They will be open next weekend (Sep. 24th) from 10:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

MAP Testing

“The purpose of quality student assessment is to help students learn! And teachers teach!”

I love this quote that can be found on the website of our assessment partner, the Northwest Evaluation Association. It truly demonstrates how quality evaluation can enhance a student’s overall educational experience, while providing teachers with the information they need to best assist your students’ education.

This year, our eighth in partnership with NWEA, the International School of Ouagadougou continues to use the Measures of Academic Progress computerized assessment to ensure that your students are making measurable growth.

Next week, the MAP results will be sent home. When reviewing and discussing your students’ progress, please keep in mind:

  • MAP tests are individualized measures of performance in Reading, Math and Science. Tests are taken on the computer, and the results help teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students. The results help us work together to make informed decisions that promote your students’ academic growth.
  • MAP tests are adaptive, which means that the test is designed to target each student’s academic performance. These assessments are tailored to each student’s current achievement level. The computer adjusts the difficulty level of the questions as the test progresses. Therefore, each student takes a unique test, which also has a standard deviation variable to let us know if the student is “disengaged”, and if the test results are valid.

As parents, and as teachers, our primary focus is on the “blue” bar on the Student Progress Report (sample attached), which shows individual growth. Students’ growth per grade level is captured in the chart below.

Parents who wish to discuss MAP results with their homeroom teachers are encouraged to contact the teacher directly to schedule an appointment. This will allow us to ensure that we are all working together for student academic growth and success.

Important Dates:

A. Weekend of September 2nd – 3rd. Board Training and Reconstitution.

Board Mission Statement:
Academic Excellence, Economic Security,
And Long-Term School Viability

The International School of Ouagadougou Board of Trustees, in active partnership with the community, shall provide an academically excellent, economically secure, safe and nurturing environment. The Board of Trustees’ goal is long-term school viability for all students, while meeting and exceeding international standards.

Two weekends ago, the Board of Trustees completed a two-day retreat in which we focused on individual trustees and overall Board responsibilities. The core goals of the weekend retreat were not just to focus on the “here” and “now”, but also having the unique responsibilities as a Trustee to hold the school’s future viability “in trust.”

Our Board of Trustees discovered that the challenges and demands of trusteeship are considerable, and so are the rewards: being part of an honorable enterprise, realizing the power of collaboration, and enjoying the satisfaction of service.

On a personal note, I wish, on behalf of our entire school community, to thank last year’s Board of Trustees for their service. Under their stewardship, the school had its first balanced budget, along with its lowest tuition increase since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

It also gives me great pleasure to work with this year’s 9-member Board of Trustees. On behalf of our entire school community, We thank you for your service.

Our first Board meeting will be on Tuesday, September 20th at 6:00pm in the Library. The agenda for the Open Session was sent out.

B. New Teacher for 4th and 5th Grades arrives tonight (fingers crossed) at 6:00pm. As a reminder, due to the rapid enrollment in Grades 4/5, this class has crossed the Board-mandated threshold for splitting a class. Tomorrow afternoon, we look forward to welcoming Ms. Nicola Mullings to our community. In case you missed it, her biography is below.

After one month, all systems are in place for another successful year of teaching and learning at the International School of Ouagadougou.