Director’s message 57

RE: Student-Parent-Teachers Conferences

Dear ISO Parents,

On behalf of our Elementary Homeroom Teachers and our Upper School Teaching Team, we thank you for joining us today as partners for your students’ educational success.

Thank you for scheduling a time to meet with your students’ teachers this afternoon for our Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences. As you know, here at ISO, the focus is on your students’ learning. Experience shows that when students join the process, before, during, and after the conference, they take ownership, self-reflect and set improvement goals for themselves.

This afternoon, we all took some time for this special event where “students, parents and teachers celebrate learning.”

On behalf of your students’ teachers, I would also like to thank you for using “quality communication alongside positive parent involvement.” As parents, by joining us for these conferences, you send a strong message to your students by demonstrating support for them, and motivating them to engage in the healthy habit of continuous learning. Such positive parent support is essential for them to be successful and happy, both at school, and in other areas of their lives.

Thank you for working with us on the essential ingredients for the strong partnership between home and school.

Have a great well-deserved weekend.