Director’s message 51

ISO Board Retreat Weekend

ISO Community,

This weekend, The International School of Ouagadougou was very fortunate to have our first guest on campus since the IB authorization visit, some 20 months ago. Although it took Dr. Chris Muller almost two years to join us … the newly reconstituted Board of Trustees found out this weekend — that it was worth the wait!!

On behalf of our community, I would like to pass along our gratitude to our Board of Trustees for their service to the school, and for their dedication. Dr. Chris Muller was extremely impressed that our Board Members were present for all three days of the retreat, dedicating more than 12 hours of their time … PRIOR to our second Board meeting!!

Our community is indeed very fortunate to have this level of commitment from the Board Trustees who is willing to serve and assist the school during this time of change and transformation.

This weekend the Board of Trustees:

  • Organized the 2021 – 2022 School Board
  • Reviewed our vision and goals to allow us to prioritize and work on short and long-term planning
  • Reviewed the Board and School Policies
  • Distinguished between their role on the Board and their role as Parents (in short, Board members leave their parent hats at the door)
  • Discussed the Board’s legal and financial duties
  • Looked at ways to ensure the school’s long-term financial strength
  • Identified ways to work and communicate with major constituencies and stakeholders
  • Discussed how to best perform the role of Trustee.

We are all looking forward to working together to help the International School of Ouagadougou “Soar to New Heights” during what we anticipate will be another challenging year.


CHAIR Georges Restom
VICE-CHAIR Aaron Codispoti
TREASURER Dharmendra Pathak
SECRETARY Kate Soubeiga
MEMBERS Andre Sonnichsen, Rose Drabo, Steve Mogale, Estelle Tonde, Michael Keller, Christina Wagner, Kate Soubeiga, Gladys Some, Jeff Trudeau
DIRECTOR Jeff Trudeau



Finance Committee (FinCo)

  • Mr. Pathack (Chair)
  • Jeff
  • Basil
  • Christina
  • Georges


  • Ms. Wagner (Chair)
  • Jeff
  • Michael (Building and Grounds)
  • Georges
  • Estelle (Marketing)

Policy Committee (PoCo)

  • Mr. Sonnichsen (Chair)
  • Jeff
  • Steve
  • Kate
  • Michael
  • Georges

Agenda for our meeting on Wednesday, October 20th, is attached.

Important Dates:
Tuesday October 19. 2021: Prophet Muhamad’s Birthday/National Holiday/ School closed
Monday, October 25 – Monday, November 1. 2021: Fall Break/Office Limited Hours