Director’s message 14

[isostaff] [isonews] Two week re-evaluation of ISO’s health and safety protocols

ISO Parents,

Please note that we tested our ISO, SMS emergency communication system at 5:20. If you did not get a message please email, so we can update our records accordingly.

In addition we want to thank you for supporting our re-opening procedures during our first month “Back to School.” As per our Re-Opening Plan (attached for reference), we have, as per our policy, completed our second two-week re-evaluation of our health and safety measures in support of your students.

Please note the following re-evaluation of our present protocols:

Morning Drop-Off Hand Washing, Temperature Checks, and face coverings inspection will remain firmly in place. Students without face coverings will not be allowed on campus.
Afternoon pick-ups We have placed social distancing lines outside for parents/nannies and drivers. Please be sure to use the new student ID’s that have your students’ first name and grade level. (To help your drivers, please destroy the first student ID the school provided in August.)
Masks during PE Students do not need to wear masks during P.E. as long as they are socially distanced.
Academic Support ASAs will remain on hiatus and be evaluated in 2 additional weeks’ time. However, there will be two courses offered to support student learning in Upper School. These courses are by invitation only and based on student needs as determined by our recent MAP results.

Have a great afternoon.