Medical Field Trips

In 2017, seniors and staff went out in Ouagadougou to help 160 local children as part of a medical field trip. Activities included: Student registration, testing urine, vision acuity, taking weight and height and just generally making sure the students (the patients) were calm and knew what was happening.
How did this get started? In 2008, Dr. Peter Van Dingenen (medical director of the Paam Laafi association) began conducting medical field trips to local primary schools as part of community outreach for the upper school students (gr 6-12) at ISO. Dr Yu Ching Yu and Dr Carolyn Reid are our current ISO medical specialists and continue this program. Paam Laafi has an agreement with the ministry of Health and the ministry of Education. Students assist a team of doctors in basic medical exams for children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to visit a doctor. Students participate in a medical field trip at least once a year. High School grades have participated in overnight trips to villages across Burkina Faso. To date, 18.000 children have benefited from these free exams.