Each year, ISO puts some funds aside for a literacy program. This program is open to all ISO workers who wish to improve their English and also their listening, speaking, reading, writing and math skills in French. The main goal of this program is to help the workers improve their literacy to levels of proficiency necessary to function on their job, in ISO community and in society.



This program was started in the summer of 2010. It was after realizing that in a school like this a part of the community is illiterate, yet the school proclaims Learn to Excel as its motto. This is our community motto and so it should apply to anybody in the community who would like to keep learning and exceling.

This program is also another way the school is providing internal community service to the Burkinabe community within the school. Most of our custodian staff could neither read nor write. Some could not even write their names.

The program started with one big class teaching French only. Classes are usually one and half hours long, twice a week with a session running for six weeks. Later, we had to split the class into two due to different levels and needs. With the lower groups, the teacher had to literarily hold their hands one at a time to help them learn to write. They were motivated, they made funny mistakes and laughed hard about it. There were lots of fun, jokes and inspirations to learn.

In 2012, there was a need to extend their learning to English, therefore an English class was opened up.

We also provide other skills like Mathematics and sometimes basic computer skills. Two years ago, two of them tried the National Primary Exams (CEP: Certificat d’Etudes Primaire) but unfortunately did not succeed. We also encourage them to take evening classes in the Burkinabe system besides the classes offered here at school.

We would like to continue supporting our custodian staff in their learning and offer educational opportunities as well.



Each year in May, the workers showcase their learning during a celebration of learning event.