ISO Family Kindle Fire Agreement

As per our technology plan, your child is being provided with a school-owned Kindle Fire in a protective cover, and pre-loaded with almost 100 books to support their learning. Our goal is to meet several objectives:

  • To provide reading materials for classes without increasing the weight or size of student backpacks,
  • To use digital technologies to support learning in meaningful ways,
  • To entice our students to read more during their personal time,
  • To provide interesting and culturally diverse materials to support our Mission Statement.

We are happy to provide this device and the included software free to our students, but we require that each student and their family accept responsibility for taking care of this device, to ensure its future use. The device will be collected back at the end of the school year, and be redistributed to the same student each Fall.

Therefore, please read and agree to the following terms of use. Remove the back page of this document, sign it, and return it to your child's classroom teacher immediately.

Terms of Use:
You acknowledge that your child is being provided with a new Kindle Fire to support their learning at ISO. You agree to accept full responsibility for the safety of this device, with normal wear and tear being allowed.

1) If this device is damaged, lost or stolen, you will reimburse ISO the full replacement value. This is currently €125 (€100 for the Kindle and cord, €25 for the protective cover)

2) ISO strongly recommends that you do not activate your own Kindle or Amazon accounts on this device, or connect to the internet via the embedded 3G or Wifi functionality. If you do so, it is possible that Whispernet will remove much of the school-loaded software.

3) If you wish to download any additional content to the Kindle, you may do so through the use of programs that manage such content, such as Calibre. The ISO Tech department is willing to assist you with this, however, ISO assumes no responsibility for any user-installed software or books, including financial loss or technical troubleshooting.

4) Do not remove any of the school-installed software or books. If you accidentally delete anything, or a file becomes corrupted, the Tech department will reinstall the books for you. However, we assume no responsibility for any user customizations.

If you are unable or unwilling to accept these Terms of Use, you are not required to accept the Kindle. However, if ISO is unable to provide physical copies of the required books, you may be asked to locate copies on your own, either physical or through your own eReader device.

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