FAM (Family Access Module)

FAM is the online access portal where families can do the following:

  • Update contact information (email address, phone numbers, home addresses)
  • Access their child's current attendance information
  • For Upper School children, access their current class schedule
  • For Upper School children, access their most recent report card

ISO uses this online database extensively, so it is important that all families ensure that the information is current and up-to-date.


When you register at ISO, within a few days you will receive an email (sent to the address you provide us) that contains a link to FAM. This email will be sent to both parent's email addresses....either one can activate FAM by clicking the link.

You will be asked to customize your password. Once you have done that, FAM will be activated for you. Your username will be either parent emails, and the password will be the one you created.


Navigate to https://familyaccess.inresonance.com/iso and input one of the parent's email addresses and the password you created.


If you never recieved the initial email, or get an error message, do the following:

  • Ensure you are using the email address that you want all school communications sent to
  • Send an email to ISOfam@iso.bf
  • Make the topic "Fam Failure"
  • Include your child's full name

A new link will be sent to that email address, usually within a day. Be sure that you check all the contact info for your family when you log in.

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