Current Events in Ouagadougou and Burkina Faso

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Ex-Pat guide Ouagadougou for working and living in Ouagadougou,

Burkina Faso. Purpose: to build ex-pat contacts in Ouagadougou. English


Focuses on Ouagadougou on a variety of topics, from its history to

shopping, desiring to make the city known through an Internet site.



website featuring news, sport, women's page, etc. The same format for

other major cities of West Africa:,, etc.



This center in Ouaga, run by the French Ministry of Foreign and European

affairs, promotes French language and culture. It supports the

development of French intellectualism, artistic exchange, and dialogue

between cultures. Its website informs you of cultural events and

opportunities to improve your French thru a media center. French


National and int'l news, sport, culture, tourism, etc. French

6. www.evé

Twice a month "magazine," appearing the 10th and 25th of each month.

Features news, culture, society, sport, etc. French


Current events in Burkina Faso, featuring politics, national and int'l news,

economy, sport, culture, hi-tech. French


news, economy, sport, culture, education, international, radio link, etc. French

9. Local television—RTB—

Saturday afternoon/evening on RTB Télé Agenda posts upcoming events.

On Sunday afternoon is Bon Dimanche that also features upcoming

events. (My Burkinabé friends at work said they would notice posters,

Télé Agenda, Bon Dimanche, and the RTB website to learn of musical

events.) French


A virtual tourist travel guide of Burkina Faso. 14 things to do in Ouaga and

reviews by folks who have done them. English


Covers the entire country. Not very much information. French

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