Elementary Student Council

The Elementary Student Council is a team of enthusiastic students, who work together voluntarily to build community among ISO's elementary students. Weekly meetings encourage a sense of unity by creating shared experiences and activities that focus on taking action, fun and family. They also provide opportunities for students to be of service to the wider community.

Student council members develop leadership skills, learn to work collaboratively, and develop the skills required to see a project through to completion. Student representatives and a teacher facilitator discuss issues related to the elementary school body and organize events for their peers. These change every year, but often include such favorites as spirit week, movie nights, milk drives for orphanages, talent shows, friendship week, bake sales, dances, tournaments, and game nights.

Central to the ISO mission and philosophy is the understanding that young people become self-directed and critical consumers of information when given multiple opportunities to exercise their independent and collective voices. By cultivating character and community involvement, ISO becomes a stronger learning community.

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