ISO is located on a seven acre, purpose-built, walled and secure campus adjacent to the city’s main residential section in Zogona (Secteur 13, Rue 13.22, Porte 612).

ISO's campus has:

  • a large, grassed playing field
  • dressing rooms
  • a covered and lighted multi-sport court
  • a swimming pool
  • one tennis court

There are 11 major buildings housing:

  • 24 classrooms
  • administration offices
  • resource areas, including a library of 11,000 volumes & small computer lab
  • an auditorium
  • 2 full computer labs
  • 2 science labs
  • a student center
  • an art classroom
  • a snack bar and a restaurant

The school has an Internet satellite and separate ADSL and fibre optic connection serving a fully networked and wireless campus. There is a combination of over one hundred desktop computers, laptops and netbooks for student use in the computer labs, library, and classrooms. Kindles, iPad Minis and iPads are also integrated into teaching and learning at ISO.

Some of the sports facilities are grouped on the south side of the campus to form a recreation club, which is open to the children enrolled in the school at no charge, and to their parents and the wider community on a fee basis.

01 BP 1142, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Tel: 226-25-36-21-43
Tel: 226-25-36-13-50

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