ISO is located on a seven acre, purpose-built, walled and secure campus adjacent to the city's main residential section in Zogona (Secteur 13, Rue 13.22, Porte 612).

ISO's campus has:

  • a large, grassed playing field
  • dressing rooms
  • a covered and lighted multi-sport court
  • a swimming pool
  • one lighted tennis court

There are 11 major buildings housing:

  • 24 classrooms
  • administration offices
  • resource areas, including a library with 12,000 titles in the collection
  • an auditorium
  • Apple, Microsoft and Google device based labs
  • 2 science labs
  • a student center
  • an art classroom
  • a snack bar and a restaurant

ISO provides students with realtime access using a high speed fiber opric Internet connection accessible throughout the campus. Faculty provide an enriched learning environment using the latest devices, learning strategies, and current best practice in pedological use of technology.

Some of the sports facilities are grouped on the south side of the campus to form a recreation club, which is open to the children enrolled in the school at no charge, and to their parents and the wider community on a fee basis.


The auditorium at ISO was built in the 2010-2011 school year with newly installed sound systems. The auditorium greatly contributes to ISO’s commitment to promoting cultural understanding and community involvement. Students use this space for musical performances, theatre, dances, commencement ceremonies, and several other in-school and after-school activities.

Student Center

Located upstairs in the upper school building the Student Center is a meeting room and study lounge equipped with movable tables for group work and single and double carrel desks for individual or pair work. Many students use the room for studying and tutoring. The offices of the Upper School Principal, the Counselor and the Upper School Administrative Asst. are also located here.

Sports Facilities

The campus of ISO is tucked away in the heart of Ouagadougou. On our pristine campus you will find an outdoor aquatic center, covered basketball court, weight room, auditorium, multipurpose field and court for games such as tennis and volleyball.

Aquatic Center

The outdoor aquatic center features a recreational size pool for adults and children. The dimensions of ISO’s recreational adult pool are 7m x 20m; and ranges in depth from 4ft to 12ft. The children’s pool has a depth of 1 to 3ft deep. Nestled in a semi- shaded area by cascading trees, there are lounge chairs, and individual changing rooms with toilets for your privacy. Students in elementary school have weekly swim instruction as part of the curriculum.

Basketball Court

ISO one of the only schools in Ouagadougou that features a covered basketball court with lights for night time play. The basketball court is full length and is utilized for several formal and informal events including school fairs, sport club activities, and socials.

Multipurpose Court and Field

The multipurpose court and field is an added bonus. The field is beautifully green and manicured. Students use this area for soccer, football, physical education, softball, and tennis. ISO teams regularly plays matches with schools in the greater community to encourage cultural understanding, community involvement.

Weight Room

The weight room at ISO sports free weights and cardio-vascular equipment. Students enjoy the challenge of mounting our climbing wall, an added feature to promote confidence through athleticism for all fitness levels. Grade 10-12 students who are weight-room-qualified and have parent permission are able to use the weight room when not in use by classes. Click here for the permission form.

Library Media Center

Welcome to ISO’s School Library where we strive to create a modern and relaxing learning space in which all students, parents and staff can come to find the information and inspiration they are looking for.

We have over 12,500 titles in our collection with more books and resources ordered each year. Elementary classes have a weekly scheduled library time and upper school students come with their teachers on a regular basis for research and reading. Students are welcome to drop in during the day and many also choose to come at lunchtime to enjoy our three unique library areas for reading, researching and camaraderie.

The Library is also open after school each day from 8:00am to 5:30pm. A constant range of book, reading and novelty competitions ensure that ISO’s school library is a hive of activity on a daily basis.