From the Elementary Principal:

Maeve_Profile.jpgI am very fortunate to be starting my fifth year of working at ISO, and my third as Elementary Principal. I am also beginning my 28th year in the profession, with experience as a classroom teacher, a librarian and in leadership, having worked in many schools in 7 different countries. I love the friendly, welcoming culture of Burkina Faso, and the community that makes up our school.

Our elementary school population exemplifies that of a true international school. We are multi-cultural and diverse, and our students are engaged and eager to learn. A combination of low class sizes, exemplary students, excellent resources and a team of highly skilled professionals allows us to cater to all of our students’ needs. We have an active student council, a rich after school activities program and a student-driven service learning program, all of which add value to the academic journey. The wide range of events, from regular assemblies to buddy classroom activities, contribute towards a sense of community both inside and outside the classroom.

We are fortunate to be supported by a caring and active group of parents. Our PTA, fondly known as the Ouagadoers, are involved throughout the school year. In addition to supporting student learning in the classroom and activities outside of the classroom, the Ouagadoers also commit to a number of large events for ISO, some of which include a welcoming BBQ, a Holiday Fair and an Africa Week evening. We have an experienced, committed and talented team of qualified educators who stem from all parts of the world, including many Burkinabe teachers. They work together with drive and purpose to foster a genuine love of learning in our students. We aim to recruit the best international teachers who will thrive in the Ouagadougou environment.

ISO follows AERO (American Education Reaches Out) Standards and Benchmarks, while drawing on Best Practices from around the world. We deliver a culturally diverse curriculum in an English speaking environment. We develop learners who are: Communicators, Creative, Critical Thinkers, Collaborators and Community-minded (the 5 Cs). Homeroom classes are small and each grade is supported by a full time Teaching Assistant. We provide ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) Support and Reading Support with the aim of having all students achieving at or above grade level. Homeroom teachers emphasize literacy, written and oral communication, reasoning in mathematics and science, IT skills and the pursuit of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Specialist teachers in French, Library, Fine Arts and Physical Education allow students to see their learning through multiple lenses. Our social emotional counselor works closely with teachers and meets with individuals or small groups to help students to feel and be successful on a daily basis. Each semester a new program of After School Activities enrich and compliment our school day.

Maeve Doherty
Elementary Principal