PlusPortals: FAQs

Where do I get the App?

You can download the app for free for Android and Apple

How do I login?

You should have received login information from our IT Dept. If not please contact and they’ll send you your login details.


Is there a tutorial available for PlusPortals?

The IT team are giving a brief session available at Open Houses and Coffee with the Director workshops.

You can find a lot of videos and text-based tutorials on their site (

Will I still need to check emails?

We would like to reduce the number of emails sent to parents and students as it can be overwhelming. We want to make PlusPortals the tool for all communications between teachers and students in near future. Our aim is to establish PlusPortals as a Blended Learning Tool. That is why our teachers are currently announcing the tests/homework/assessments verbally in the class and also putting up on PlusPortals.

Please feel free to contact for any further query about IT at ISO.

Mark Page

Technology Director