Safety & Security

Emergency Procedures

Each family should provide the office with emergency information, including a map of the location of the family residence, and an emergency contact person and telephone numbers.

The office will establish an Emergency Phone Tree shortly after the beginning of the school year. This tree will consist of the names of all parents with the home and work phones listed. That said, our campus is situated in a safe area and consists of a closed campus with its own security wall and guards.

A comprehensive Emergency Procedure Manual outlining precautions and procedures for potential crises or trauma-inducing events has been developed. You may rest assured that we are prepared, and we will use our best judgment in dealing with any eventuality that may arise to ensure the safety and welfare of your children.

ISO Parent Cards

The safety of your child is of paramount importance to ISO. To this end, we are working to enhance our on-campus access control procedures as we often use replacement guards on a rotational basis. We will be asking all parents to supply two photos so we can prepare an “ISO Parent Card” that we ask you to carry with you. From time to time you may be asked to show your card.

Emergency Contacts

The school must be notified when both parents/guardians are away from Ouagadougou at the same time. In such events, someone must be designated as your child’s guardian, and this person must have the authority to make medical and other decisions related to your child’s well-being.

It is very important that the school office has the name, physical address, telephone, and email contacts for someone who will serve as an emergency contact. This person should be someone whom your child knows and who has agreed to make medical decisions on your behalf if the school can not contact you and your child needs medical intervention. More than one emergency contact person is preferred. Emergency telephone numbers, local legal guardians, and health information must be left at the school should an emergency arise.

  • Parents must notify the school of a change of address, email, or telephone, including mobile phone numbers.
  • Parents should inform the school medical professional of any significant change in the health status of a child.

Responsible Parental Participation in Our School

All parents have an interest in the smooth and efficient operation of the school. This interest can most effectively be expressed through regular communication with teachers and the administration, through service on the Board and its committees, and through attendance at school meetings. Moreover, parents are encouraged to volunteer to sponsor after-school club activities. Most importantly, parents can support their children's learning through encouragement and interest in their studies. We too, appreciate parental interest and assistance.


Communication between the school and parents is a high priority at ISO.

A formal weekly newsletter (Turtle Talk) is sent home with your child (or via email if you prefer) each Friday, keeping you informed of school activities. Please be sure to read this newsletter carefully and mark important dates in your calendar.

Open House

Each year, an Open House is held for all parents. This program is intended to give parents: a general overview of the school year; an introduction to the instructional staff and administration; and an opportunity to allow teachers to explain the organization and academic plan for their classes. Questions of a general nature pertaining to the total school program or to an individual class should be raised at Open House.

Questions dealing with individual student progress should be left for Parent Conference Day and/or special appointments with teachers or the administration.

Report Cards/Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

The academic year is divided into quarters. You will receive a report card soon after the end of each quarter. In addition, days will be set aside for Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences after first and third quarter report cards are distributed. The purpose of the conferences is to enable parents to receive first-hand accounts of their child's progress from his/her teachers. We also encourage parents to arrange additional conferences with teachers throughout the year. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date on your child's progress; however, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange a meeting.


At times, teachers may feel it is in a child’s academic interest to have additional help after school or even during the summer. When such a recommendation is made, the counselor will send home a list of all students or adults who are available for tutoring, the subjects they are able to teach, and their contact information. It is then the parent’s responsibility to contact a tutor to make arrangements. We ask that the parent’s inform the school of their decision so that the teacher can work with the tutor if necessary.

Parent Permission – Publication of Student Work/Pictures

Parents/guardians of every ISO student will be asked for their permission to publish examples of student projects, photographs of students, and other work on an Internet accessible world-wide-web server. These signed agreements will be kept on file with the Administrative Assistant. Before a teacher uploads any examples of student projects, photographs of students, or other work onto an Internet accessible world-wide-web server, staff is asked to verify that the parents have granted their permission to do so.

School Liability

ISO assumes full responsibility for the supervision of ISO students during the regular instruction day (8:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.) and during all school sponsored events. ISO is not responsible for the supervision of students on campus outside these times. Each year, parents are asked to complete a waiver absolving ISO from any liability when children are on campus outside regular instruction hours and not in a school sponsored activity.


If you have any grievances, you should first contact your child’s teacher, especially to resolve problems in the class. The Director should be contacted if situations do not get resolved. If the Director does not satisfactorily resolve the situation, parents should appeal in writing to the Director. If the decision then is not satisfactory, parents may then contact the Board in writing through the Director.