Parent Testimonials

ISO is a lovely environment, and we definitely made the right decision to place our daughter at the school. ISO has made her love going to and being in school, and the teachers are amazingly lovely and have a way of relating with authority but also a deep empathical rapport with the children. We will miss that and really aim to find a school with equivalent qualities in other places. We felt sad when Manka asked us during the school lunch break whether we would be coming back to Ouagadougou so that she could visit her school. She is happy to explore another country, but sad to leave ISO.

George and Helen Akwah, parents of a elementary student in Grade 2 (Cameroon)

Since our daughters started in the elementary school at ISO it has been a true pleasure seeing them progress very rapidly not only in linguistics, counting, reading and writing, but also in terms of their social and communicative skills. ISO is a school where children learn about other cultures while at the same time accepting that individuals can be different. Since our daughters started at ISO we have noticed that they have become much more confident. We have also been impressed by the positive, joyful learning environment that the children experience at ISO. The teachers are very engaged and have fantastic teaching skills. ISO also offers great opportunities to develop and meet in cultural and sporting activities. The social and cultural environment is very embracing, offering regular opportunities for students, parents and teachers to get together in informal ways, something which creates an excellent sense of community and a familiar environment in which children can feel at ease. ISO is not just the best compared to other schools in Burkina Faso, ISO is great in absolute terms.

Claudijo and Karin Borovic, parents of elementary students in K and Pre-K (Sweden)

Une solide équipe pédagogique, des enseignants soucieux du développement du potentiel de chaque enfant. Un milieu stimulant et bien encadré, on y apprend l'anglais de belle façon. Thanks again for the good work with the kids.

Alain Parenteau, parent of elementary students in Pre-K (Canada)

My two boys came to ISO in August 2014 with very limited English. With the assistance of the experienced teachers, I am pleased to see my boys’ progress in academic performance. They’ve also learned to build their self-confidence and to observe the world with curiosity and positive thinking through various activities organized by the school and Parent Teacher Association. I am convinced that ISO is the best choice for my kids.

Emilie Yung-chieh SHAO, parent of elementary students in Grade 1 and 5 (Taiwan)

The ISO is more than a school, it is truly a community. Being welcomed by the ISO parents, teachers and staff played a central role in our family quickly settling into Ouagadougou. Sundae Schneider-Bean, parent of elementary student in Grade 2 (USA)

We have been four years in Ouagadougou and ISO is a great place. Not only is ISO a great school for our kids but a great community of students, parents and teachers. Our kids love Mondays because they mean it’s time to come back to school; there is nothing better than for an expat family to be in this situation. Thank you ISO.

Giacomo and Lorena Chiocca, parents of elementary students in Grade 2 and 4 (Italy)

We’ve had three children at the ISO since 2007 and we are happy with the results. We chose this school for our kids because of the environment, which is more suitable for learning when the whole school community knows each other making this school really friendly. The international side of the school with the big diversity of countries make our children experience the different cultures, and view the world from different perspectives instead of seeing it in one way. This will help to prepare them to be citizens of the world.

Antoine and Rackel Azar, parents of ISO students in Grades 5, 8 and 11 (Lebanon)

When we moved to Ouagadougou, ISO was the obvious choice for us, as it is close to our house in Zone du Bois and our children are native English speakers. We also felt that the American/international, child-oriented, 'learn to learn' curriculum would suit the needs of our two boys best. We since learnt that the ISO is a very welcoming and caring community, where pupils and parents find their meeting point. The school has been helpful and accommodating to extracurricular needs like speech therapy. The after school activities offer an attractive and convenient opportunity for the children to learn and practice a sport, art or skill under the supervision of the school community. We feel happy and confident to leave our children in the ISO compound as safety and security, in the widest sense, have always been a high priority of ISO. We decided to sign up our youngest child, who had been doing maternelle/nursery school at a local French school, for PRE-K in ISO for all these reasons, as well as the convenience to have our boys at the same school - with synchronized rosters.

Geoff and Astrid Power, parents of students in Pre-K and 2nd Grade.

Our son thrived on the rich learning environment at ISO where his curiosity and interests were nurtured. We were impressed with the teachers and staff, who create a safe, welcoming, space for children and maintained regular communication with parents. We were also pleased with the curriculum and after school activities, which offered our son to try out new skills – from doll making to rugby. We are so glad to have been a part of the ISO community during our time in Ouagadougou.

John and Cristin Heinbeck, parents of a student in First Grade

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