Upper School Faculty

Name Title Email address
Badini, Boukare French & MS PE Teacher b.badini@iso.bf
Balima, Fatimata Administrative Assistant f.balima@iso.bf
Bayasen, Ruby Math Teacher r.bayasen@iso.bf
Bouda, Oumoul French Teacher o.bouda@iso.bf
Campoaré, Jean-Baptiste French Teacher jb.campoare@iso.bf
Chaing, Eudora Mandarin Teacher j.chiang@iso.bf
Chen, Tammy History and Geography Teacher t.chen@iso.bf
Congo, Luc Science Lab Technician l.congo@iso.bf
Deibert, Amanda Art Teacher a.deibert@iso.bf
Dieckman, Danielle Math Teacher d.deickman@iso.bf
Frey, Nancy Environmental Issues & Yearbook n.frey@iso.bf
Holywell, Kate US Principal k.holywell@iso.bf
Holywell, Nick Language Arts/ Social Studies Teacher n.holywell@iso.bf
Pichette, Marie Hélène Music and Performing Arts Teacher m.pichette@iso.bf
Schongalla, Sabrina Language Arts Teacher s.schongalla@iso.bf
Schreurs, Brittany Math Teacher b.schreurs@iso.bf
Schreurs, Chris Science Teacher c.schreurs@iso.bf
Some, Jules Athletic Director/PE Teacher j.some@iso.bf
Wunderlich, Theresia ESOL t.wunderlich@iso.bf
Yaméogo, Augustin French Teacher a.yameogo@iso.bf

Schoolwide Admin & Staff

Name Title Email address
Aupoix, Jean-Luc Director jl.aupoix@iso.bf
Bouda, Idrissa Head of Security i.bouda@iso.bf
Boudaoné, Jonnathan Receptionist j.boudaone@iso.bf
Buck, Myron Head of Educational Technology m.buck@iso.bf
Dayamba, Aimée School Nurse a.dayamba@iso.bf
Doherty, Maeve Librarian m.doherty@iso.bf
Fitzpatrick, Alix Community Relations Officer iso@iso.bf
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Business Manager d.fitzpatrick@iso.bf
Kiema, Didi IT Specialist d.kiema@iso.bf
Nikiema, Ida Bookkeeper i.nikiema@iso.bf
Ouandaogo, Elias GSO e.ouandaogo@iso.bf
Ouattara, Emily Business Office Assistant e.ouattara@iso.bf
Ouedraogo, Brice IT Specialist b.ouedraogo@iso.bf
Ouedraogo, Francois GSO Assistant fr.ouedraogo@iso,bf
Richardson, Jo Community Relations Officer iso@iso.bf
Simpore, Wati Cashier w.simpore@iso.bf

01 BP 1142, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Tel: 226-25-36-21-43
Tel: 226-25-36-13-50

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